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(SRS) Sex reassignment Surgery Workshop, Live Surgery Demonstration Workshop is a two-day program designed to instruct how to approach transgender patients in endocrinal and surgical aspects. The workshop provides the knowledge and surgical tips in practical way as "HOW TO" manners. The participates leave the workshop with the confidence to manage the transgender patients both male to female and female to male. The course focuses on the practically endocrinal Treatment and the surgical procedures and techniques for male to female and female to male Sex Reassignment Surgery moreover the Cadaver anatomical dissection around the perineum area is included in this workshop.

Topics :

- Perineum Anatomy
- Endocrinal approach and management in transgenderism (How to)
- Female to male sexreassignment surgery
- Penile Reconstruction (Approach and Technique) (How to)
- Subculaneous Mastectomy various (Approach and Technique ) (How to)
- Male to female Sex Reassignment Surgery
- State of the Art. in Technique (How to)
- Penile lengthening (How to)