Aesthetic Plastic Surgery/Cosmetic Surgery/Plastic Reconstructive Surgery in Thailand

Aesthetic Plastic

Preecha Aesthetic Institute is the first multidisciplinary Aesthetic and Reconstructive surgery center Thailand offers full range of Cosmetic surgery and Reconstructive surgery Thailand by the renowned Dr.Preecha Tiewtranon, MD, Dr. Sirachai Jindarak, MD, Dr.Prayuth Chokrungvaranont, MD, Dr.Sattha Siritantikorn, MD, Dr.Apichai Angspatt, MD, Dr.Sutin Khobunsongserm, MD and Dr. Burin Wangjiraniran MD. FRCS, highly qualify plastic surgeon colleagues whom also highly qualified from internationally renowned institutions.

Our multidisciplinary aesthetic and reconstructive surgery offered full range in breast augmentation, breast reduction, breast lift, blepharoplasty, facial surgeries, body contouring, cheek surgeries, rhinoplasty, ear pinning, hair transplants, malar surgery, gluteal surgery, jaw surgery, labia plasty, pectoral and calf implants. The center advanced 10 consultation rooms, 6 operation rooms fully equipment leading Aesthetic Plastic Surgery completed with recovery rooms and the internationally accepted standard of hygienic system.

In coming year, Preecha Aesthetic Institute (PAI) ‘s a plan to trains foreigner surgeons and gives lectures worldwide about our techniques and research as well as spread to the world that Thailand is leading number one in Aesthetic Plastic surgery and Reconstructive Surgery.

Aesthetic Plastic's program