Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)

Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty)


Tummy Tuck 

What is Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty), also known as abdominoplasty, a tummy tuck removes excess fat and skin, and in most cases restores weakened or separated muscles creating an abdominal profile that is smoother and firmer.

Although the results of an abdominoplasty procedure are technically permanent, the positive outcome can be greatly diminished by significant fluctuations in your weight. For this reason, individuals who are planning substantial weight loss or women who may be considering future pregnancies may be advised to postpone abdominoplasty surgery.

Also, tummy tuck operation cannot correct stretch marks, although these may be removed or somewhat improved if they are located on the areas of excess skin that will be excised, generally the treated areas below the belly button.



Best Candidate for Tummy Tuck :

- Pregnancy

- Aging

- Significant fluctuations in weight

- Heredity

- Prior surgery

- Women who are troubled by very large, sagging waist that restrict activities and cause physical discomfort.

- Good health condition

- Aesthetic surgery can improve your appearance.

- Emotion stability is one of the most important factors.

 Tummy Tuck, Before Surgery


 Tummy Tuck, After surgery (3 month)



Abdominoplasty Before Surgery



After Surgery, 7-10 days

Abdominoplasty, after 10-14 days surgery


The package is inclusive for Tummy Tuck Thailand

- Accommodation for 2 days in hospital private room after surgery

- Operating Room Charges: OR Room Use, Recovery Room, Scrub & Circulate Nurse

- Regular menu food charges

- Laboratory Testing: necessary for the procedure as CBC, EKG, UA, Anti HIV, Chest X-Ray

(If age over 45 need to check Cardiology.  An extra charge 100 USD)

- Medical Equipments and Medical Supplies

- General Anesthesia – Pre Anesthetic Drugs, Anesthesia and Medical Gas (Oxygen, Nitrous Oxide)

- Medical Treatments

- Doctor fees

- Anesthesia fees

- Nursing services

- Take home medication and supplies

- Post op cares

- Transportation pick up


Surgery Schedule (required 10 days after surgery in Thailand).


Tummy Tuck recovery

Day 1 – Consultation and Prepare for Laboratory Testing

Day 2-4 – Surgery and one night in hospital private room after surgery

Day 4 – Discharge from Hospital
Day 4 to Day 11 – Stay in hotel for recovery period and follow up on doctor appointment

Day 6 – Stitches removal and final checkup (6-7 days, after surgery)
Day 11– Safe to fly


To set up an appointment with our specialized in plastic surgeons or set up surgery byPreecha Aesthetic Institute.

1. Write your question, interest at consult us in program form

2. Via email Consult@pai.co.th

2.1   list your expectations or procedure that you are interest and give us your detail as possible

2.2   email to us

2.3   We will get back to you shortly after receive your question with recommendation from specialize surgeon

Once you know your planning date for surgery.

Here is the next step.

3.1   Consultation with us via email for details and procedure

3.2   Plan your available date to be surgery and departure from Bangkok

3.3    We will confirm you for surgery date

3.4    You may start to book your airline ticket

3.5    We will confirm you all detail and hotel booking, if require

3.6    For transportation to be pick up from the airport, we have to wait for your flight itinerary


Clinic’s address :

PAI (Preecha Aesthetic Institute)

898/1 Sukumvit 55

Wattana, Bangkok 10110 Thailand

Tel: (662) 715-0111

Fax: (662)715-0113


Meeting Point (Airport)

The driver will stand by for you at the door number 4 (Meeting point) after exit from customs.  The driver will stand by with your name and PAI’s logo.



Hotel partner are special offer for PAI.



- Thai and English

- Other Language upon request



The payment can be prepared in Cash by US dollars, Euro Dollar, Japanese Yen, HKD, SGD, AUD or pay by Traveler‘s Cheques.

If using credit cards, the hospital will charged 3% for international transaction fee.  This is only for surgery fees.

An extra charged for HIV is 30% from total cost.


Cost of meal

Cost of living meal per day is 15-20 USD.


Passport and VISA

Preecha Aesthetic Institute can issue the letter to clarify with your local Embassy or Passport.


Tourist Visa Exemption (30 days without VISA)

Australia, Austria, Belgium ,Brazil ,Bahrain , Brunei Darussalam   ,Canada, Denmark ,Finland ,France, Germany  ,Greece ,Hong Kong ,Iceland  ,Indonesia  ,Ireland  ,Israel  ,Italy  ,Japan  ,South Korea ,Kuwait ,Luxembourg , Malaysia  ,Monaco  ,Netherlands  ,New Zealand  ,Norway  ,Oman ,Peru  ,Philippines  ,Portugal , Qatar , Singapore  ,Spain  ,South Africa  ,Sweden  ,Switzerland  ,Turkey  ,United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom  ,United States of America ,Vietnam.


Airport Immigration and Customs

Please present the supporting documents confirming the scheduled operation upon request. Please do not carry any unnecessary drugs or dangerous objects in your luggage.


Preecha Aesthetic Institute, Bangkok, Thailand , Dr.Preecha Tiewtranon, MD is highly selective qualify doctor Dr.Sirachai Jindarak MD, Dr.Prayuth Chokrungvaranont MD, Dr.Sattha Siritantikorn, MD, Dr.Apichai Angspatt, MD, Dr. Preecha Tiewtranon MD, Dr.Sutin Khobunsongserm, , Dr.Burin Wangjiraniran MD. FRCS   who matches for each type of procedure, FFS, SRS, body contouring as well as anaesthesiologist and team of operating theatre nurses.

FAQs Tummy Tuck

Q: Where will I be taken after my surgery is complete?

A: You will be stay in hospital private room after surgery for 2 nights (3 days).  After release from hospital, we will send you to your hotel for recovery period as well as follow up period, which will be assisting by PAI’s transportation service.

Q: What medication will I be given or prescribed after surgery?

A: The surgeon will give during pre-surgery as well as Post surgery.

Q: Will I have dressings/bandages after surgery?  When will they be removed?

A: Yes.  You will have bandages after surgery.  They will remove after 3-5 days and stitches will remove after 5-8 days.

Q: When can I resume normal activity and exercise?

A: Normal activity should resume after 4 weeks or more.  But back to work within 10 days after surgery.

Q: When do I return for follow-up care?

A: During you is recovery in Bangkok.  We have to make sure that everything is under smoothly well before flying back home.  Therefore, 10 days after surgery is more than 80% recovery before flying back.

Q:  I was given your name and email address by an ex-patient of yours who does nothing but sing your praises. I live in Australia. I had sleeve gastgrectomy performed in May 2014 and have lost a total of 70 kg todate. I was previously 151kg, and I am currently 81kg. I still have another 20 kg to go until I am at my ideal BMI. As a result of my weight loss I have a lot of excess skin as can be expected and would like to enquire about surgery. I would like information regarding what surgery I would need I am thinking I will need tummy tuck, breast lift arms and thighs/buttocks …. I am not 100% sure. 

A: The first step is to attach your body images and resend to email.  So we can review and then make recommendation for you.

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