Vocal Voice Surgery

Vocal Voice Surgery

Vocal  Voice Surgery for Transgender.

 Voice surgery  in Gender Reassignment Surgery (GRS) is a surgical procedure to increase or decrease the level of the human voice or the so called “vocal pitch” of the voice. The level of the human voice is an important distinction between man and female appearance.

 In the MtF procedures a higher pitch is desirable making the masculine voice more female. The Voice Feminisation!

In the FtM procedure a more lower voice should be created to make the voice more masculine.

The surgical procedure to increase the vocal pitch to realise a more female voice is called “crico-thyroid approximation”. This procedure can be performed  in combination with the shaving of the Adams apple. The same incision can be used making the procedure an efficiënt, effective simpel procedure to improve the male to female transition.

The procedure can be performed under local anaesthesia with adequate sedation and with an overall operation time of 30-45minutes. The procedure includes a hardly visible incision in the neck which is also used for the shaving of Adams Apple. In the procedure the ring of the cricoid-cartilage is approximated towards the thyroid-cartilage  The whole procedure is performed from outside the neck.

The result is an increasement of tension on the vocal cords inside the thyroid cartilage and therefore a higher vocal pitch. You can compare this with the function of a guitar. When the string of a guitar is under more tension the produced sound is higher. The male voice varies from 100-550Hz the female voice from 140- over 600 Hz or higher.(diagram)

With this procedure a fundamental raise of 50-150 Hz can be achieved in the mail voice.

This operation always results in a higher voice level or higher vocal pitch. How high is difficult to predict preopratively but a higher pitch can always be measured after operation. It is important to measure your voice pre- and post operatively by a so called “phonetogram” . The operationresult will be reproduced by such a phonetogram. So this measurement is a measurement of your personal voice before and after operation.

In the FtM procedures a more lower vocal pitch can be realised by a reduction of the thyroidcartilage backwards.  Also this procedure can be realised under local anaesthesia. Again the result is measured by a phonetogram.

Study results implicate that 86%of patients reply their laryngeal profile improves due to Adams Apple shaving, 79% of patients mention that their voice is improved due to approximation, supported by speech therapy.( Matal et al,(Otolaryngology Head and Neck Surgery june 2003)

A small animation video included in this information blog will show you the procedure of the crico-thyroid approximation and its result.     http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QP_IJoaQ8VY&feature=youtu.be 


The procedure will be performed by the PAI gender team.

Preoperative information, the operation itself, postoperative evaluation and overall attention will be given to you by the whole team. If necessary a voice therapist will support you to achieve your desired voice intensity or quality.


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