Scars may have symptoms such as itching and tenderness that can be treated successfully by applying a cream or steroids. Some of scar initially is large become less noticeable with time. Whenever skin is broken by accident. Scar tissue will form as the skin heals.  The size dept and location of the wound may all contribute to the amount of scarring. Cosmetic surgery is one of the scar revision possibility to be improve.

Scar revision surgery is a procedure done on a scar and this is an alternative in cosmetic surgery to improve incision of scar. Scar revision surgery by surgical should not be undertaken until several months or even a year or longer period after a wound has healed.

All surgeons are Board of Plastic & Reconstructive surgery Thailand. Revision scar surgery is performed under local anesthesia (day surgery). It is important that the person should be in a realistic about what cosmetic surgery can and cannot do. Your doctor is in the best position to address these issues and open dialogue is recommended to avoid any misunderstanding.


  • Inform doctor, if any health issue such as diabetes and high blood pressure
  • Physically healthy and emotionally stable with realistic expectations as to what the surgery can and cannot do

Package is include scar revision

Package is included scar revision surgery under Local Anesthesia. 

  • Medical equipment and Medical supplies
  • Local anesthesia
  • Medical treatments
  • Doctor fees
  • Nursing services
  • Take home medication
  • Post op cares


  • Scar correction or Scar revision surgery is performed at Preecha Aesthetic Institute ⇒ under Local Anesthesia ⇒ Day surgery.

Preecha Aesthetic Institute (PAI) is the first multidisciplinary Aesthetic and Reconstructive center also well known as the pioneer Sex Reassignment Surgery Thailand since 1980. The center has the most advanced 10 consultation rooms, 6 operation rooms (local anesthesia) completed with recovery rooms and accepted standard of hygienic system.

Preecha Aesthetic Institute (PAI) bangkok thailand cosmetic and reconstructive surgery center and best cosmetic surgery thailand all board of cosmetic and reconstrutive surgery

Preecha Aesthetic Institute


Risk of scar revision, all surgery carries risks but can be minimize by closely following your surgeon’s advice as well during the healing process. The patient must be aware of what plastic surgery can or cannot achieve and that no scar can be removed completely. 


Preecha Aesthetic Institute (PAI) is the cosmetic and reconstructive surgery center since 1980 located at Bangkok Thailand. Our surgeons team are Assoc.Prof. Preecha Tiewtranon MD, Sutin Khobunsongserm MD and Burin Wangjiraniran MD FRCST (Board of cosmetic and reconstructive surgery Thailand)

Dr.Preecha Tiewtranon MD, Dr.Burin Wangjiraniran MD FRCST and Dr.Sutin Khobunsongserm MD, all Board of Plastic and Reconstructive surgery Thailand.

All your questions will be direct answers from PAI's doctor.

  1. Write your question, interest
  2. List your expectations or procedure that you are interest and give us your detail as possible
  3. Email to us at consult@pai.co.th
  4. We will get back to you shortly after receive your question
Set up an appointment with us

1. Write your question, interest at consult us in program form


2. Via email consult@pai.co.th

2.1 list your expectations or procedure that you are interest and give us your detail as possible
2.2 email to us
2.3 We will get back to you shortly after receive your question with recommendation from specialize surgeon

Once you know your planning date for surgery. Here is the next step:

1. Consultation with us via email for details and procedure
2. Plan your available date to be surgery and departure from Bangkok
3. We will confirm you for surgery date
4. You may start to book your airline ticket
5. We will confirm you all detail and hotel booking, if require
6. For transportation to be pick up from the airport, we can do for you as optional

surgical details:

To be preparation for scar revision surgery.

  • Inform us about any allergies, any serious medical condition(s), and all medications you are
    taking (both prescription and non-prescription)
  • No Aspirin 2 days before surgery
  • Stop vitamin E Oil 1 day before surgery
  • Stop smoking 2 days and a month after surgery
  • Tell doctor if you have any serious medical condition(s)
  • Stitches are remove five days after surgery date
  • Plan to be in Thailand at least 6 days after surgery

For local’s patient - You may resume to work after a few days but must avoid heavy lifting object over the head or fast movement during 4 weeks after surgery date. Stitches are remove after five days surgery date.

For international patient - Please plan to be in Bangkok at least 6 days. Stitches will remove day 5 after surgery date. You may resume to work within a few days but must avoid heavy lifting object over the head or fast movement during 4 weeks after surgery date.

◊ Any bruising and swelling will usually dissipate within 2 - 3 months after scar revision surgery.

Scar revision is usually takes about 45 - 90 minutes using local anesthesia (day surgery).

The recovery process after a scar revision may take up to a few weeks.  Patients will receive instruction during home care. Patients may go to work within two days or a week after the operation. 

Although improvement can be expected after scar revision. The patient must be aware of what plastic surgery can or cannot achieve and that no scar can be removed completely. 

The degree of improvement will depend on variables such as the size and direction of the scar and hereditary factors such as precondition extent of healing process, aging, skin type and color.

Surgery Schedule (require at least 5 days after surgery in Bangkok)

  • Day 1 - Consultation and/or surgery at the same time
  • Day 2 - Surgery (if require for the next appointment)
  • Day 3 to day 5 - Recovery, rests, less reading and watching TV, computer 
  • Day 6 - Stitches will be removed
  • Day 6 - After removing stitches, you may return to work 
  • Swelling and bruising should be expected up to two to four weeks. Some cases bruising and swelling may be evident for up to a month.
  • Normal work can be resumed 3 to 5 days after procedure (desk jobs).
  • Vigorous activity should be limited for four weeks including jogging, bending, sex and any activity that increases your blood pressure.
  • Within three months minor swelling and bruising are usually be hidden.

Treatment after surgery
during the first 7 days

  • Removing stitches five days after surgery.
  • No heavy exercise four weeks after surgery
  • Apply scar creams to help scar softer and dimmed down

surgery info:

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Local Anesthesia

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3-5 days

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after 4 weeks

Surgery Schedule

useful information


PAI (Preecha Aesthetic Institute)
898/1 Sukumvit 55 Wattana, Bangkok
10110 Thailand

Tel: +662-715-0111

Fax: +662-715-0113

Email: consult@pai.co.th


The driver will be waiting for you at door number 4 (Meeting point) after exit from customs. The driver will stand by with your name and PAI  logo. [Suvarnabhumi International Airport (BKK)]


Hotels are under cooperate and nearby PAI, starting from 50 USD to 100 USD. Rates are quoted in THB, USD/net/included of taxes and service charges. All non-commissionable rate. VISA/Master card is accepted.

  • Special apartment 68 sq.m-131 sq.m with one to two bedroom/1 queen/master size bed, 1 bathroom (shower and bathtub), pantry and dining area, 2 Bottled water – complimentary for daily contract, bathroom (separated shower & bath tub), cable / Satellite TV, free wifi, dining Table/Chairs, Internet Access (wireless), kettle, LCD TV, refrigerator, slipper, toaster, air Conditioner, bath amenities - complimentary for daily, electronic Door Lock, iron & Ironing Board (on request), kitchenette - Full Equipment, microwave, safety box.


  • Hotel - studio room 46 - 58 sq.m - Features & Amenities: 40-in LED, sofa, in-room safe, minibar refrigerator, refillable tea/coffee/water, blackout curtain, free wifi, slippers, bathroom with rain shower, 100% natural therapeutic spa toiletries Mt. Sapola, hair Dryer, toothbrush and toothpaste, shower cap as well as a washing machine.


Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Italian, Spanish, French, German, Turkish and other languages upon request.


PAI can issue the letter to clarify with your local Embassy or Passport.


Cost of living meal per day is 15-20 USD.


The payment can be prepared in Cash by US dollar, Euro, Japanese Yen, Hong Kong Dollar, Singapore Dollar, Australia dollar. If using credit cards (VISA/Master card), the hospital will charged 3% for international transaction fee. This is only for surgery fees. Hotels are not charged for international transaction fee. An extra charged for HIV is 50% from total cost.


Australia, Austria, Belgium ,Brazil ,Bahrain , Brunei Darussalam ,Canada, Denmark ,Finland ,France, Germany ,Greece ,Hong Kong ,Iceland ,Indonesia ,Ireland ,Israel ,Italy ,Japan ,South Korea ,Kuwait ,Luxembourg , Malaysia ,Monaco ,Netherlands ,New Zealand ,Norway ,Oman ,Peru ,Philippines ,Portugal , Qatar , Singapore ,Spain ,South Africa ,Sweden ,Switzerland ,Turkey ,United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom ,United States of America ,Vietnam.


Please present the supporting documents confirming the scheduled operation upon request. Please do not carry any unnecessary drugs or dangerous objects in your luggage.

Set up an appointment with us.

Write your question, interest at consult us in program form