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January 2023

thank u jan so much and tell doctor preecha he is a angel from heaven who made my life complete and that theres always a way. because i never thought i could feel this way ever since i went to dr ……… who used me as a ginnie pig. he need to take some more lesson from dr preecha. because i was tourmented for the last four years, the only reason why i did not kill my self because , of god and i love my self. and god sent me to preecha. and there i was feeling good mentally ,physically,and spiritaully.

i love all your pat staff m dr preecha your an angel! they treated me with a outstanding A+ i would like for u to put this in ypour testomonies if u can because i feel people need to know that dr preecha is the best in this world. and if any girls want to know they can email me at

From  Yanir