As a Mentor 3

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January 2023

Barbara Elizabeth Foster

Dear Dr Preecha Tiewtranon, I owe you a big THANK YOU for all you did for me this year. On March 3rd, you performed breast augmentation and completed my SRS. On March 8th, you gave me a full face lift, upper eye lid surgery and abdominoplasty. You did everything the way I asked you to do it. I am fully healed and now I am a very happy woman, thanks to you and your team at PAI.

The  Hospital is beautiful and the nursing care was better than it is here in the USA. I enjoyed my stay at the hospital during my recovery. It was great to have the freedom to travel each day to see Bangkok and the markets and to go for long walks in Salom. I love Thailand and its people and I am considering living in Bangkok, every year, from January until after the Thai New Year (April). I will return to PAI so you can perform more of your magic on my body at the end of this year. I also want to have the dentist, on the hospital’s first floor, work on my teeth.

There is a tax advantage for me to have more surgeries this year. Please take good care of all the women who work for you because they do so much for the patients. I love everyone at PAI and BNH Hospital. Anyone thinking of having surgery in Thailand can contact me with his or her questions. Respectfully, Barbara Elizabeth Foster