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January 2023

Janice Sunderland

United States of America

Friends For Life Club and The American Kennel Club (AKC)

Raising AKC English Bulldogs, many outdoor activities

Dr.Preecha is an answered prayer for any girl that needs SRS,Cosmetic or whatever the case maybe for a corrective surgery. I am more than happy to say that he has completed the puzzle that i couldn’t piece. I highly recommend Dr.Preecha over any other surgeon as of today.

I had my surgery  and i was very impressed with the staff (totally) the food was excellent and the rooms were very clean. The nurses were very caring and i never had to wait more than 5 seconds of pushing my button and talking with them for them to be at my door within the next 30 seconds. The whole staff gets 10 thumbs up from me.

Bangkok’s weather is totally humid compared to what i am use too, but the city itself was a wonderful experience for me and a great vacation. The Thai people are very friendly and a lot of them speak great English. The shopping was totally great for the cost of items are a lot cheaper than in the states.

I began my new life and as of today i am a complete woman living a great life and i owe this all to one special man DR.PREECHA., i am totally happy and i am very orgasmic. I honestly have to say that i am very secure with myself totally now. Thanks for my new life Dr.Preecha. I love you with all my parts.

LOL Janice Jade