Email to say Thank you

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January 2023

My name is Wendy Peterson and I recently had facial surgery at your clinic September 6th.  I have been meaning to email to say thank you to everyone involved in my care.  You have a wonderful organization, profession, kind and caring and I thank you so much.

I am very pleased with my surgery, face lift and upper and lower eye lid surgery. I just have a question regarding how long it will take before the scare tissue on my lower lids disappears.  I do massage eye cream to the area perhaps 3 times a day.  It is improving, but I am wondering when it will be gone.  I am back to work and there is that tight feeling that is quite uncomfortable at times.  Any information or suggestions you can give me would be so appreciated.

Kind regards,


PS- I have sent a couple of pics of the wonderful nursing staff….thanks to all of them please!!