Fond memories of all of you

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January 2023

Dear Peera,

Its been exactly one year since arrived in your beautiful country and once again I want to thank you, everyone at PAI, and the physicians, nurses and staff at the hospital where I had my surgeries and received such wonderful care, including the wonderful staff at the Green Bells Hotel.

As an aside, I think you will be happy to know that after many frustrating months wrangling with the state of Michigan government bureaucracy, I was able to properly amend all my legal documents. I want to thank you and the PAI staff for your assistance in trying to get the right affidavit form completed for me. I also want to apologize for my inability to effectively communicate with you and the PAI staff as to what I required to satisfy my state government. That was my problem with my state government and its bureaucracy, not yours!

I realize I may have been acting out of frustration when I was corresponding with you and your staff, but that is not an excuse. Shame on me for being so unclear and unkind because I was unable to speak the Thai language. Please forgive my arrogance and behavior.

In any case, I hope to visit your beautiful country one day and see all of you again and the kind and beautiful people of Thailand. I will always have fond memories of all of you and of my visit.


Warmest regards,