From France

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January 2023

Dear  Dr. Preecha

It is Dana from France and I really hope that you still remember me; I had my surgery done on the 10th of December 2001. I am really grateful to have had been in your surgery sir. I would like to inform you that I hardly have the pain killer because of the MINIMAL pain, and the swelling is getting smaller now. I have no problem with urinating (I read in the internet that some patient get a sting feeing when they urinate), but for me there is no pain at all, just discomfort a but I guess it is very normal. I used to be scared of dilating but it was amazing when you taught me how to dilate and there was no pain. Now I am dilating myself twice a day and it is very comfortable because, again, there is no pain.

Thank you so much sir for all your help and also to you all your staff especially Eddie, he is very kind. I think you are the best surgeon all over the world. Thank you sooooo much!

From Dana