I’m so happy

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January 2023

Hi Jan

just a note to let you all know how I’m getting along

the SRS, the swelling has gone down a lot & I don’t think it is swollen any more,

my Doctor is very happy with it & she says it is the best one she has seen.

the Breasts are a little sore now, the soreness is on both outer sides just were

the breasts meet the chest, it most likely go away after a while, I hope so!

the boobs look great & suit me the size is just right.

the Eye is still being treated, the eye doctor said it has a secondary inflammation with

still a slight mark where the cut was & has given me other drops (Prednefrin Forte)

which has reduced the redness & helped to stop the constant watering,

have seen him each Thursday for 3 weeks now & I see him again in

6 weeks for a final check.

the facelift has almost healed up just a bit of numbness around the ears,

with the scaring almost healed.

I’m so happy now you have made me a woman, life is great now.


From  Roseanne