It is my hope

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January 2023

It is my hope that you can do my surgeries sometime

in mid February or early March of this year. I am in

the process of getting my passport. I can stay in

Thailand as long as needed.

I am a male to female transsexual, 52 years old,

#feet #inches tall, ### pounds. My health is excellent.

I had a orchectomy about seven years ago, on hormones

for over ten years. I had gastric by-pass surgery in

2000 and have no problems with my weight, any more. I

exercise every day. I am a lacto ovo vegetarian.

I want to finish my SRS the following way if

possible. I will never have sex with a man and have no

interest in penetration into the vagina. I would be

happy to only have depth that would not go past the PC

muscle (Pubo-coccygeous). I do want the labia, vulva

and sensate clitoris (sensate pedicled clitoroplasty).

Everything except a deep vagina done in one surgery

including labia plasty.

I want breast augmentation. My breast development

is good so the implant (textured, silicone) can be

placed over the chest muscle.

The attached photos show the need for eye lid

repair (lift) and I have a lot of excess skin on my

neck due to all the weight loss of three years ago. I

want all the face skin including eyes to be made to

look better than it does now. We can talk about any

additional face work that you would suggest when we


If I have enough money left after having the above

surgeries than I want a mini tummy tuck. I have a lot

of excess skin in the lower abdomen area from the

weight loss. This area would also be a place to take a

skin graph if needed for the SRS.

I realize this is a lot of surgery to be done at

one time but I am strong and handle surgery well. If it

needs to be done in two steps than I will stay in

Thailand for the second surgery, hopefully within a

week of the first surgery

Please give me a price for the SRS, breast and face

surgeries and separate a price for the tummy tuck. I

look forward to traveling to Thailand to see you for my

surgeries soon. You are the only doctor I have

contacted because I want you to do the work. I have

heard so much about your good work. Thank You for your

attention to this matter.


From  Miss.B