Kindness and your support

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January 2023

Dear  Oon and Jessie

Oon and Jessie, thank you very much for your kindness and your support during our stay in Bangkok.

My mum and I are both well arrived in Japan and we are so satisfied with the surgery.

Please don’t forget to tell to Dr. Preecha and Dr. Burin that we are so happy with what they have done for us and we are thanksful.

And if they have any opportunity to come to Tokyo or Ho Chi Minh, tell them to feel free to contact us!
(my e-mail address: ….)

We are looking forward to seeing you soon!

Thank you again.

Best regards,
Mari and Rie HORI

P.S.  Oon, thank you for the sweet suprise! We really enjoyed kha-nom thai!! (^^)
Please teach us your private contact number, Oon and Jessie!!