Mentor 2

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January 2023

Lesley Pesek

I feel that all of my expectations where met. I found every one there to be very friendly, and willing to help. A special mention to Eddie who went above and beyond to help both, with getting my needs taken care of and helping as much as I needed.

Also there is A older Lady nurse there at the clinic who was very caring and giving. The Doctors where very professional , concerned about comfort / needs / wants; with a great bed side manor. I feel that I got every thing I wanted and needed I am very pleased with the outcome. It is now 13 months since I have had corrective surgery.

I was in the Hospital , and found everyone there (nurses , etc. ) Better than here. The food was great and I got hooked on Thai food ( I have a problem finding good Thai restaurants here, or where I travel in the U S ).. There was very little problems with language / communications. A very clean hospital ( I should know I use to inspect them for the Joint Commission, and Veterans Administration.). It was a great place to be for what I needed to have done, ( I was in there a couple of times for surgery.).

I loved the city, I wish that I was able to see more of it. I plan to go back sometime in the next year.

I am completely pleased with the results. I feel things so completely, I never expected to feel. I have a very active sex life with my boy friend, we are talking about getting married. I am not sure that I want to be tied down that completely yet.). I have lived the way I am for most of my life; only now I have complete sexual fulfillment. All my friends tell me that now I am much nicer to be around.