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January 2023

Sandra Laramee

United States of America

Administration, Accounting, Data Management

I developed the Tampa Bay Gender Alliance, which is focused on improving the quality of life for transitioning transsexuals. This is many sided task, involving resources, information and professional services. Informing and educating the communities in which we live is also highly necessary and instrumental to dispelling negative relations. Speeding goodwill is our mission.

My research in cosmetic surgery began with books I had discovered in my teenage years, but did not really accelerate until 1996. That was when I first started with PC’s and the Internet. Information was not very plentiful in the earlier years and was painstaking to acquire. Word of mouth and a few web resources were all that were available until the information highway picked up momentum.

I have researched from surgeons near and far, noting sample photos of their work for aesthetics. Techniques, surgery times, recovery care, facility standards, and testimonials of many before me were involved in decision. GRS is a one time procedure and best experienced when one has the utmost confidence in the hands of the most skilled surgeons. The final stage was finding the least financial distress, as the expenses are certainly not within reach for most of us. that basically covers it.

My first personal contact with Dr. Preecha was wonderful. He is very personable, cheerful and humorous. At the same time he was respectful, professional and to the point. Optional locations for surgery were available and accommodations were reserved well ahead of my arrival. His nurse, Eddie was always available to assist in every facet of the journey. Eddie was extremely helpful following the hospital stay with post-operative procedures, tours and entertainment.

Dr. Preecha greeted me on the operating table before anesthesia and assured me that I would have his very best. Following surgery, he often visited to be sure that everything was healing properly and always carried a cup of cheer to impart. I was very pleased with his manner and ultimately with the masterful surgery he performed. Yes, it was both aesthetically perfect, fully functional and sensitivity beyond my expectations.

Hospital was the facility of choice and exceeded the quality of many of our own in the US. Cleanliness and sanitary were certainly well adhered to and the rooms were equipped with air handling units to keep it comfortable. The nursing staff was always friendly and saw to every need. Food choices were available between menus of Thai-cuisine and American recipes. Television entertainment was available in both local and international programming, including MTV and HBO. Lavatory facilities were cleaned frequently and designed well for every need. Everyone from the medical staff to the custodial personnel showed courtesy, respect and openly friendly attitudes.

Bangkok was quite an impressive metropolis. No matter in which direction I looked, the end was not in view. There was architecture of every sort, both older and ultra-modern. Department stores were very modern and kept in a high state of cleanliness. There were always friendly staff to assist in finding desired articles, ensuring satisfaction with your purchase and processing tax relief. (Your passport is the ticket to tax relief.)

Though congested, it was amazing to see the cooperation in traffic movement and the lack of road rage that we see on our own roadways. Thai people are passive and do not upset easily. People of every social standing showed me that happiness is a valued asset that comes from within. This was evident in every part of the city that I visited. A wonderful experience at any rate.

Life after surgery was outwardly the same as it had been for the proceeding years. Having lived full-time for a few years, I was already accustomed to daily life as a woman. Surgery just provided a feeling of completeness, an inner peace so to speak. I was still the same loving person, only the rays of happiness became much brighter. On the way to recovery, pains were only reminders of the future that lay before me.