Miss all of you

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January 2023

June 29th, 2011

Hi every one, this includes  On, Jessie, Tim, Drs, Burin and Preecha, and everyone else I knew or forgot.

Every thing is moving along nicely now. Finally, yesterday, had the tube taken

out. It took a appointment to get it out and I can say I am peeing on my own

with out any trouble. Still have pain when trying to sit, some burning sensation

after peeing, but will be seeing local doctor tomorrow for follow up.

I miss all of you and can only say that my experience with you all really has

taught me so very  much. How to love people here more, how to show respect here

better and to control and focus my energy better. You all will always remain in

my heart. Also, knowing it will be pain or no gain  I move onto a more dynamic

type of dilation, and my depth is still over 61/2 inches.

Love to all