Special hugs to Dr Burin, Ohn and Jessie!

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January 2023

Dearest friends,

I write to inform you that I am recovering wwell from the surgery had on the 19th of May, allthough there is still swelling it is getting better annd better every day.

I have shared my positive experience with you with my fellow trans beneficiaries, making them seriously considering PAI as an serious and efficient  choice in their future SRS.

I would have some questions regarding my following recovery period aslong as further information:

  • What is the ideal dilation procedure (how many times a day/ duration –  as far as I know it s first months is twice a day in 15 min  sessions, but I would like to whow then does the frequency of dilation change from 2 times a day to one, or less)?
  • Should i still use anti inflamatory medication aslong as the tissues around my neovagina are swollen?
  • Dr Burin told me that  can receive some visual material from during my surgery, I am still waiting for that.
  • I would also like to ask you if you have any video of the surgical technique you use in both male to female and female to male trans patients, as I am an associate professor at several Faculties, and it would help me in both explaining the procedure to my  studennts , and to show  the procedure to my trans beneficiaries inside the TRANSGENDER SUPPORT ROMANIA group.
  • Least but not last , would like to know if you want some follow up pictures with the result of the surgery.

Hope this email finds you all well!

Special hugs to Dr Burin, Ohn and Jessie!

Yours, everly gratefull,

Prof. Melek

Member of the MSMGF Trans Reference Group