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January 2023

Dear DR. Preecha,

Yesterday I signed a contract for the 2009 Colorado Gold Rush which is the Gender Identity’s Center of Colorado’s 11th year for this conference.

As we have spoken in the past I am now confirming the dates with you and to once again ask for confirmation that you are going to accept the offer to be our Keynote speaker for this upcoming and very exciting event.

The dates for the conference are March 26 – March 29 2009 and we will be having it at the Renaissance Hotel in Denver Colorado  which I am including their web site at the end of this.

The G.I.C. will be paying for your hotel stay and of course the price of the conference and you had indicated in the past that you would pay for your travel? I’m only confirming that this is still what we had agreed to?

Are you comfortable giving a half hour to 45 min Keynote speech? Will you also be doing a workshop , as all the G.R.S. Doctors do so and I can promise you that your’s will be well attended. Almost all the different Doctors that attend these conferences pick up clients for their work and I’m sure that you will also seeing that you will be probably the first surgeon from Thailand to do so.

We will of course be more than happy to pick you up from the airport and I will keep you informed as things develop.This is just to confirm the date and that you are still planning to attend which makes me so excited to finally get to see you once again and I’m sure that many of your former clients will also attend just to be able to say ‘Thank you’ once again for changing their lives for the better.

Please feel free to contact me at any time for whatever information you may seek as I am the ‘Chairwoman’ for this conference and will do my very best to try to make this a wonderful experience for you. I look forward to hearing from you soon so that I can begin the official advertising that you will be attending our conference and also hope that you will be giving the main Keynote.