Thank you 2

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January 2023

It’s friday evening here in Salt Lake City Utahand I just got home from the hospital. Surgery went well although I did have a lot of bleeding on the first night of recovery. The doctor said it was due to the blood thinners they had used after surgery. I was able to dilate this afternoon with #1 dilator. There hasn’t been anymore bleeding so I think everything is ok. I’ll use the first dilator for a couple of days before I go back to using number two since I’ve had surgery and missed a couple of days. I wish I would have known that I needed my gall bladder out sooner, I could have had it done in Thailand! Believe me the care that BNH gave me was the best ever and I missed you all more while laying in the hospital bed here with mean fat nurses LOL Take care and thank you so very much Dr. Preecha for the phone call, it made me feel a lot better about what I had to do…

From  Miss.M