Thanks to DR.Preecha

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January 2023

Dear  Dr. Preecha

It has been six months since my GRS last year using colon transposition neo-vagina technique and everything is going as expected. There is no more swelling in the vaginal area. The sensation is very great especially the clitoris and the labia majora on the right side. I don’t know why but when I press my right side of labia majora there is a nice sensation that is almost similar to the sensation on the clitoris. the depth of the vagina is very good as well, I have 6 inches depth and it is also sensitive especially the deepest part. I have had orgasms many times even though not always with each intercourse.

The funny thing is that I can masturbate myself not touching directly but by using the pressure of my both tighs. It’s fun and I always get aroused this way. I have a lot of lubrication from the colon transfer, so I never use lubrication but I wouldn’t recommend it to those who have penile inversion or skin graft since there’s no natural lubrication using these technique.

I’m so pleased with the result of my surgery. I also had adam’s apple shaving and the scar is unnoticeable! I’m so happy about myself and I’ve never felt so confident before.

Thanks to DR.Preecha and his staffs. I would like to have a labiaplasty some days and I definitely would consider DR.Preecha for best result.

From  Rara