The result is excellent!

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January 2023

I had my facelift, neck & upper _ & lower eye surgery from wonderful Dr. Preecha.

The result is excellent!
I am looking very fresh now …ca. 10-15 years younger, but still not lifted. Dr. Preecha has much more skills as a “simple beauty Dr.” He learned reconstructive surgeries, too … and I can see this in my face, that he knows lots about “how to perform a good surgery”
I felt, that he is a really creative person with a vision for his patient and still full of fire for making his patient happy.
Just get shure, that HE will do your facelift!
I am shure that all the other Doctors at P.A.I. are also very good under Dr. Preecha´s trainings, but he was just amazing.
P.A.I. staff & all nurses in hospital also were very great with coordinations and hotel staff, driver….everything was well organized!
I was very nervous before.
Now I am more as happy & thankful.

Lovely greetings