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January 2023

Dear  Dr. Preecha,

Oh my, how the years pass on by – I’d never know it unless I kept tearing off my calendar pages.

Here is some exceptionally good news for and about you! I took my annual physical last October and during it I was referred to an OBGYN that had not looked at me — or I met with him. I had requested this for an opinion on my HRT and just frankly follow up since my surgery with you six years ago. We had a very nice interview and discussion with him volunteering some interface with the U of Michigan regarding transgender issues. It ended with him agreeing with all that I am doing as well as a full vaginal checkup.

He told me he was quite pleased – asked specifically how long the surgery had taken – and registered surprise at the three hours I replied that included breast augmentation and the trachea shaving. He was delighted in all and complimentary.

When I saw my principal provider a month later she repeated his comments to me – happy to have referred me to him.

I also took my sixth annual mammogram – and once again with glowing admiration of my breasts by the technician. That is so rewarding to me – and chuckle — I cherish them as do a boy friend or two!

Just this week I had a regular six month checkup with my nephrologist and in the interview I remarked that I had been “looked” at by the OBGYN new to me. He pulled the report that the OBGYN he had filed in his folder and read it to me. I was so happy with that — at my insistence – he handed me the folder.

This fine OBGYN had labled my genitalia as “REMARKABLE”.

So you see I was thinking of you and wanted to pass this on. I am doing super fine – now 78 and going strong – chuckle no longer a virgin – and very happy in life.

Thank you for all that! And that goes for all your staff and especially Napporat who I became so close to.

For your news – I am going to be at the BeAll in Chicago in June and giving a seminar with Robin. We will be doing the same in September at the Southern Comfort Conference in Atlanta. Here is a summary of the seminar – one we don’t think has ever been given in one of these proceedings. If you would like to refer any of your applicants to me at these times I would be most happy to confer with them.

Let’s Talk Sex

Let’s talk sex: post op orgasmic response along with autogynephelia redefined. Robin Sexton and Bobbi Swan have both encountered exceptional sexual responses and sensations pre and post op with intensity in duration, psyche and body. They doubt if they are unique and wish to develop the potential of these feelings with attendees. They will include Autogynephelia, a controversial subject these past years in literature and debate that may well need redefining. A discussion of the second puberty and adolescent periods that we all undertake in our journey to womanhood will be included.

BeAll Bio

Robin Sexton and Bobbi Swan had their SRS surgeries together on the same day over six years ago. Bobbi was 72 and Robin in her early 50’s. Bobbi is a retired aviation executive; Robin is a successful real estate broker, both with engineering degrees. Robin returned to college following surgery and received her MA in Counseling with her thesis on transexulism and GID research. Bobbi has been editor and publisher of OUR WAY, a TG Monthly as well as columnist for the Trans Gender Forum. Their close relationship has continued with Robin providing TG counseling and Bobbi writing and researching transgender interactions.

One last thought – and a question if you could or can provide me — the present costs for SRS with you that I might pass on to a few of those who ask this of me – in budget terms. I note that you do not include these in your website – preferring that candidates approach you for this. I was asked this again at an annual TG dinner that I was invited to.

I wish you the very best in all you do to help so many and that is with my very best personal regards.

From Bobbi Renae Swan