Your staff and hospital are great

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January 2023

Dear  Hi Dr.

Thought I would send you an update since my surgery . . . I am doing very well . . .Tom was a good nurse and I was a good patient . . I think . . . we enjoyed our trip to Myanmar very much.

The left side of my face is healing a bit slower than the right side . . but Tom says it looks real good and that you did a great job.

Arms do look much better . . .I knew they would not be perfect . . but they look so much better I am very pleased.

Tom is enjoying the “butt” correction you made and my theighs are doing well.

I am wearing the compression garment for the midriff at night only and I think it is doing well . . . .think there may be some fat left there or maybe it is still swollen . . but at any rate it feels much better so I am very happy.

Also, wanted to let you know that you, your staff and hospital are great. The care given to me was excellent and you can be very proud of them.

Also I LOVE my neck!!! it looks so much better . . I do not mind looking in the mirror now!

Thank you for taking on my case on such short notice . . I do appreciate.

Tell everyone I said hello, a great big thank you and most of all Happy Holidays!

Best Regards,

From  Cheryl