French Woman.

French Woman.

Je vous remerçie pour :

I thank you for

-Vos magnifiques talents de chirurgien

-Your splendid talents of surgeon

-Votre très grande gentillesse

-Your very great kindness

-Ma merveilleuse S.R.S (Mars 2003)

-My marvellous S.R.S (March 2003)

-Mon excellent Lifting (Avril 2004)

-My excellent Face Lift (April 2004).


Vous m’avez transformé en FEMME FRANCAISE HEUREUSE

you transformed me into HAPPY FRENCH WOMAN


Votre institut P.A.I est très beau .Votre personnel est extraordinaire de douceur.

Your P.A.I institute is very beautiful .Your staff is extraordinary of gentleness .


1000 merçis pour les superbes roses offertes à mon réveil d’anesthésie Lifting.

1000 thanks! for the superb pinks rose give me has my waking anesthesia Face Lift.







From  Renee de France


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Lecture symposium @ University of Zurich hospital
Lecture symposium @ University of Zurich hospital

Lecture symposium. University of Zurich Hospital Surgery Department. Performing  Facial Feminization Surgery with U of Zurich hospital Plastic surgery Department team and Speaker for Sex Reassignment Surgery with 40 years experience. Date: April 2016.       

Geschlechtsangleichung in Thailand
Geschlechtsangleichung in Thailand

Ein Faktor gelungener Operation ist die Erregbarkeit Eine Operation gilt als gelungen, wenn sie drei Dinge erreicht: ausreichende Tiefe, gerne auch Feuchtigkeit für die sexuelle Funktion; Erregbarkeit für das Lustempfinden; und ein gutes optisches Erscheinungsbild. “Wenn sie sehr jung sind, wollen sie alles: Erregung, gutes Aussehen, und die Tiefe für die sexuelle Funktion. Je älter […]

the best gender reassignment surgeon in Asia
the best gender reassignment surgeon in Asia

VANITY FAIR Italy Magazine Dear Dr.Preecha, Preecha Aesthetic Institute Milan, the 9th of February 2016 We are working on a story about how Bangkok became a global gender change destination and while researching the story we realized that you, sir, with your pioneer work, are on of the main protagonists of this story. So it […]

How Thailand Became a Global Gender-Change Destination
How Thailand Became a Global Gender-Change Destination

October 27, 2015 By: Jason Gale (Bloomberg) Preecha, who performed Thailand’s first gender surgery in 1975, attributes the country’s popularity for the procedure to three things: “No. 1, it’s very cheap in Thailand,” he says. “No. 2, good result, and No. 3, good hospitality — they can have a side trip for tourism.” Read full […]

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Just want to share how grateful I am to be part of the PAI family. Special mention to Dr. Burin and Bune the secretary, the staff and the nurses who looked after me when I had my SRS done last March 11, 2020. Now I’m back here in Sydney, Australia and recovering well. Keep changing […]