doing wonderful

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January 2023

Hello Dr. Preecha.

I am just over 10 weeks since my surgery. Emotionally I am doing wonderful.  I am doing more each day now. I am dilation 2 to 3 times daily for 1 hour. All is going well there. I did lose depth but am sure it will come back in time. I am 4.5 inches.

A question: I still have lots of stitching around my clitorial hood, inside & out. Will this come out on its own or do I have to get this removed? There are still a few stitches around my labia also. The stitches are very prickley because of the nylon ends. If these come out on their own, what is the general time frame?

Thank you so much Dr Preecha fr all you have done for me and please pass on to your staff how well I am doing. Everyone was just wonderful with me.

Lucille    ( Luci )