Preecha Girl

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January 2023

Dear  Dear Dr Preecha

Thank you so much…yes, I arrived safely and have been very sleepy… All is going well, and my trip home was pleasant.

I really appreciate everything you did for me… You made me into a very happy girl…

I am very proud to be a PREECHA GIRL!!!

I love you very much, you are my hero!!!

Best wishes to everyone of your team and all the people at the BNH

Hospital, they were wonderful to me and I love them all dearly. Please give me the name of the chief administrator at BNH because she was very kind to me and took a special personal interest in my situation..

I have never been treated so kindly by so many people as I have been in myshort visit to your wonderful country

Please say hello to everyone and thank them all for me!!

From  Donna Lee