Quick Report

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January 2023

Just a quick report on my recovery after G.R.S.

I’m so happy & relived that the operation has finally happened.

The vigina is clean & no discharge at all, my Doctor has seen it & is very happy with the way it is healing.

The Breast’s are only sore around the base,but not too much discomfort.

The face has had the stiches removed & the scares are falling off & leaving a nice clean cut, which are just a bit tender,but will get better soon.

I cannot THANK YOU LADIES & DR PREECHA enough for what you all have done for me,

You have given me a NEW LIFE which I cannot thank you enough for.

I slept for 5 -1/2 hours on the plane on the way home,

Then I went to bed only 3 hours after getting home & slept for another 11 hours that night, Bangkok just caught up with me in the end.

Yours Sincerely

From  Roseanne