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January 2023

Dear  Dr.Preecha

Hope this are going well for you. I hope you will have a happy holiday as well. As for me, I’m doing just fine.

This is “Tiffany” from the USA Atlanta, GA. I had my SRS back on Oct. 2 this year. I hope you can remember me. I sure have had a lot of patients. Well, I just wanted to say “THANK-YOU!” I’m so happy that I had my SRS done in Bangkok. I’m very happy the way things are going. I can truly say that I have not had any problems. Things are going very well.

Also, If you would like to use my name or give it to girls here in the USA I would be more than happy to talk to them about your work. Because I’m so happy with what you have done. But like I said, I do think that I’m going to need the Labiaplasty to make my SRS complete.

From  Tiffany