The wonderful work

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January 2023

Dear Dr. Preecha and Dr. Burin,

Thank You both for the wonderful work you both performed on me as my journey toward corrective completeness continued. I was so thrilled to have you and your advanced surgical team perform the absolutely wonderful SRS changes needed to improve my life and wholeness I now feel both inside and out.

Your entire medical team and PAI staff made me a part of your family, and for this, I am honored and forever grateful. Please let everyone know I said Hello, and I will always refer others to find their way to your skillful team for the the best in transgender/Transsexual SRS care, as well as FFS and other services your magical team offers.

PS: I will soon update to my new picture with current pink hair color.

Much Love, and Many Infinite Hugs,

Stephenie (Pitman); Stephenie Allenson